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A temporary housing network intended to connect trans people in need with safe and supportive places to crash. if you have or are in need of a couch, floor, or spare room, submit a post with any relevant information you're willing to share and we'll try and connect you with others near you.


hey guys its me sibyl @whimslcott again so i was on my way to iowa when my car flipped over with me in it. miraculously i’m unharmed but i burned through most of what was left of my money on towing bills and the bus ticket for the rest of the way and i lost all of my worldly goods that cant fit in a backpack, so now im in urgent need of a place to stay because sleeping in my car was kind of my plan until i got my welfare check next month

like this is a dire situation honestly if you know of anywhere to stay even like a half decent homeless shelter hmu 
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Need a couch/room in San Diego, CA (URGENT)

Just found out I have to be out of my current residence by the end of the month. I am a 41 years young MtF, Wiccan/Buddhist, loves cooking, also a major nerd. I enjoy video games, movies, not much for tv, but if I have nothing better to do, why not? I have income, so helping with rent/bills is not an issue, I will be looking for housing again once I am safe. I am disabled, and have health issues. Being homeless is not an option for me. The post says San Diego, however, I would be just as open, if not more so, to the Bay Area. I can be reached at

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In desperate need of a room to rent!! Southern California

My partner and I need someplace to rent ASAP, we were supposed to be moved out of where we are now awhile ago! 
We’re currently in Riverside, but can move around a bit. We have a kitty so she will need to come with us, possible pet deposit fine.
I am looking for somewhere no more than $500 a month, ideally around $400 would be nice! All we need is our own bedroom.
My name is Aleks. You can contact me at meltyghost

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NEED COUCH - Maryland

Hi there. I am a FTM who has not yet started hormone therapy. I am located in the Glen Burnie area and when it comes to rooms, the closer the better. I do require, sometimes, a break from civilization as I like to hike and do outdoorsy things.  I also like to ponder and do artsy things (such as music production and tattoo designs). I am studying my dad’s trade of HVAC but my heart engaged in technological pursuit. I follow buddhist philosophy, and in general, I respect all POV’s. I personally feel that I am in an environment that stifles my creative and productive ability. I do appreciate most offers to have the rent covered but I need more of a soft place to land, and to stand up again. I have a warehouse job in the area that shows interest in me and an IT job in the area that shows interest in me. Have feet, will travel, but punctuality is a priority, so if I’m near a bus line or with someone who drives, I’d love that. c: I am recovering from an extremely abusive and oppressive past but I am in the process of finally putting it all behind me and moving on. And, I apologize, cat lovers, but I am allergic. Thank you for your consideration.

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Looking for a Room - Bay Area, CA

Hi, My name is Jane. I’m a white, 23 year old, feminine spectrum non-binary trans person currently living in San Diego, CA.

I’ve been living here for a little more than a year and decided it’s time for a change. I’m hoping to move up to the Bay some time within the next month, but ASAP would be preferred, as I just put in notice at my job.

I’m looking to live with people who are affirming of both queer and trans identities, and are into radical politics. I am a staunch anti-racist, and adhere to anti-oppression principles. Additionally, I like to ride bikes, cook vegan food, read, play music, draw, watch anime, and talk about the surreal and bizarre. I also am interested in growing food, but haven’t had much of a chance to practice so far.

I’ve lived in a collective situation once before, when I was living in Boston. I lived in a house with 11 other people, and helped cook with, transport for, and organize with Food Not Bombs Boston.

Since leaving Boston, I’ve been involved in advocacy for basic trans rights, including bathroom availability, as well as various ecological justice projects. I’m hoping to live with some folks who feel similarly about issues in the world today.

As far as rent and location goes, I’d like to pay somewhere around 500-600 dollars, and wouldn’t mind sharing a room, if that meant cheaper rent.

I think that’s all for now. If you’d like to get in touch, and/or know someone that might have a room on offer, please give me a call or text at 781-640-5734, an email at, or visit my tumblr at I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks and take care! 


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Hi! My name is Rory, I’m an AFAB pansexual grey-ace agender person living on Olympia’s West Side (a block away from the West Side Co-Op) and right on two major bus lines— one to Evergreen and one to Downtown.

I have two rooms available— both are currently $340 (not including electricity and internet but those usually end up costing about $30 together per month, even less if we get another roommate). There is a $40 background check fee the property manager is adamant you pay, he only visits once a month to give me tools to do yardwork/pick up rent.

If you can’t afford to rent a room here, I do have a couch and spare blankets and pillows you are more than welcome to use. I do have a car, but gas money is tight, but I should be able to pick you up if need be as far as Seattle (as long as my lights are working).

Alternately if you need a place to shower, make meals, do laundry etc, I can also provide that resource.

Everyone living in this house isn’t cis, just as an FYI, if that helps you feel more comfortable.

Feel free to message me at any time if you need more info!


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need a place to crash (Wilmington/ Newark DE - center city Philly)

I need a room or a couch to crash on for a while somewhere in either the newark/ wilmington DE area or Center City Philly at least until Halloween if not longer (so I can establish a new place to live) I currently reside in newark de and am at risk of being homeless if anyone can help that would be very helpful, I am a transwoman in need!!!!

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NEED COUCH - MICHIGAN, Farmington/Detroit Metro

Hello, I am a 23 year old transman, currently living with family that is on the verge of kicking me out. I am a student, and I am not currently employed. I also do not have any/many friends who are able to help me. I am not actually certain when or if I will need somewhere to stay, but I am worried enough that I’d like to know if there is anyone out there that I can rely on for help.

I have worked in the past as library tech support, I have a bachelor’s degree in fine art with a focus in digital illustration, and I can pole dance. I do not know if I will finish/am not counting on finishing my current education if I have to leave my parent’s home. I have a driver’s license, but I have no car. I do smoke and drink, but I can keep it away from you if you are not comfortable with it.

If anyone can offer me any help, please contact me at, or you can email me at I also have a cellphone for the time being, and I can call/text if you request it.

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need couch - montreal, QC

hey everyone,

i’m 24, i’m a white nonbinary ace multiple system. i would like to find a more long-term safe place in montreal (preferably in the southwest) by the first of january. i’m looking for an apartment or room in a house with a couple other people. i’m very quiet and don’t take up much space in common areas, and feel it’s important to keep common spaces clean.

i’ve had a really hard time finding safe long-term living spaces because of my disabilities, and have been made homeless because of (often violent) disablism in the past, so it’s really important for me to live with people who are disabled and / or have an understanding of disability justice.

i’m autistic and hypersensitive and i have a seizure disorder, and i’m not able to spend a lot of time outside the house, so a quiet place where folks don’t smoke tobacco / burn incense inside, cook with a lot of spices, or use scented products would be ideal. i also smoke weed for chronic pain and would prefer a place where folks are okay with me doing that inside.

i have pretty low mobility and use a rollator to get around, so a first floor space or an elevator is necessary – a step or two is workable though. i have one cat, he’s 4 years old and neutered. he’s a sweetheart and mostly spends his time exploring the outdoors.

because of my disabilities, it’s not possible for me to do stuff involving heavy lifting or much walking, but i’d be happy to work out in advance with roommates what chores / regular tasks around the house that don’t involve those things make sense for me to do and stick to them.

i’m on a very small fixed income so i’m ideally looking for something $300/month or under including utilities / internet, $350 max.

ideally i would like to live with other trans / asexual / disabled / autistic folks, but it’s not necessarily a dealbreaker as long as we can have open conversations about what everyone needs.


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hello, my name is gabe (or danny), i am a trans guy (he/they pronouns), i’m from france (lower normandy). i dropped out of school 2 years ago and i can’t go back to high school at all because of anxiety and needs for safety since i’m trans and the town i live in is not safe. my parents don’t respect my name and pronouns either, i’m also mentally ill (please ask in private if you need to know more about that).

i decided to get myself back on track and i found a school in the UK (overseas). the problem is i’m not 18 yet and i’m transgender, so it could be very dangerous to go there and live all by myself, i wouldn’t feel safe but going there is my very only option if i want to have a diploma (i have absolutely no diplomas, not even the middle school graduation one). it would be hopefully during the next year. i just want to make sure i have housing options available, because housing in london is very expensive and i’m not sure i could pay all of it myself. i can help pay part of it though and can do chores tasks if needed.
i’m fine with pets, smoking, etc. but above all i just need a safe environment.

it’s in shoreditch (east end of london) so if the housing is in central london or around there i would be very very grateful. the school is on scrutton st. and i would prefer walking there from home if possible and avoid taking (mostly long rides of) public transport because of anxiety.. you can contact me on my tumblr (barsuk999) or on my email (nowheretama at gmail dot com). if you can be of any help i’ll be very very thankful !!!

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Have Couch - Massachusetts

We need a roommate, we are not currently asking for any money and can house you immediately. I am a transgender woman living with my fiance, who is a cisgender lesbian. We have a cat, and not only a couch but a spare bedroom. 

We’re located in New Bedford, Mass. Aside from messaging me on Tumblr, I can be reached by phone or text at 508 816 9973.

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We are a three-person collective house in the east van area of Vancouver, very close to commercial drive and the skytrain transit system. My room mates and I are all queer cis women, and our house is almost always home to my room mate’s partner, who is nonbinary, and my girlfriend, who is a trans woman. 

Accessibility: unfortunately our suite is located up a flight of stairs, some hallways and the bathroom are also quite narrow. We cook a lot of shared meals that you would be welcome to, and our living room is decked out with two couches and a pull out foam mattress that is actually pretty comfy! Our house is very heavily sex-work positive, any conversations about potential safety concerns relating to sw issues is totally something cool with us.

You can get in contact through my tumblr at

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Have Couch - Fredericton, New Brunswick

Hello, I’m Milo, I’m an 18 year old bisexual trans guy. I’m an undergrad student studying Sociology. I live in a small one bedroom, one bathroom apartment. It’s second floor and is not wheelchair accessible. I live five minutes (walking) from the main bus station and have a bus stop directly in front of my house. I have one cat. If you need a place to stay I don’t have a ‘time limit’ for how long you can stay, but be reasonable. You could eat whatever I have in my house. I do not drink or do any drugs, but drinking is welcome here, and I live next to a liquor store. I live in close proximity to literally everything you could possibly need. I’m also looking for a permanent roommate, so if you’re looking for the same thing, definitely contact me! You can contact me through my tumblr -

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Need room/roommate Sacramento Ca

My girlfriend and I need a new place to call home! I am a 32 yr old FTM, My girlfriend is 26 and Pansexual. Our current roommate (and the owner of the house) has decided to move his “non-blood sister” into the house. I was informed that this means she gets our bedroom and we get to find a new place to live. “I’m not putting a time frame, I don’t want to put any pressure on you guys but…” The but being that the “sister” is sleeping on the couch until we move out. I can’t sit at my own computer and look for a new place online most nights because any noise I make “disturbs” her on the couch. I am a student so my days are spent at school or doing homework. I have a reliable monthly income but it’s not enough to afford an apartment by ourselves. My girlfriend is applying for disability and cannot work so its just me trying to pull this off. We are both pretty quiet and mildly introverted. We don’t drink or use drugs (we are 420 friendly if that’s your thing but we do not partake ourselves). We are responsible and always have our bills paid. We have a cat (therapy pet) he’s pretty well behaved, but may test limits in a new place. He loves other cats! I can be reached at steele8980(at)yahoo or possibly on tumblr, but I use my email more than tumblr.

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Have Couch - Växjö, Sweden

I’m a gray-asexual, single father who lives alone (my kids live with their mother, I visit them every other day or so) in a 3-room apartment in Växjö, Sweden. If you need a place to stay for a week or two, just say the word. Longer than that and I’d appreciate help with the rent (although I’m by no means living hand to mouth, children do cost a lot).

People in the apartment: 1, sometimes 3-4 (kids visiting)
Animals in the apartment: None, although 2 rats might move in.
Food: I hate cooking for myself, and have no problems making vegan/vegetarian foodstuffs.
Bathroom: 1, shared with me.
Sleeping: Couch so far, I will be getting a bed for the guest room any day now.
Sex work: Affirming, but would prefer no dates at the apartment.

Public transit: 50m to local bus stops, 10 minutes walk to train station

Contact info: email is, my tumblr is

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