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A temporary housing network intended to connect trans people in need with safe and supportive places to crash. if you have or are in need of a couch, floor, or spare room, submit a post with any relevant information you're willing to share and we'll try and connect you with others near you.

Need Couch: San Diego, CA

My name is Trey and I’m submitting this for a friend who doesn’t have much access to a computer/internet.

Keagen is a 23 y/o transman living in San Diego, CA (specifically: downtown SD). He can travel to just about anywhere and his situation is desperate. He is being kicked out by his parents and being offered no financial aide. 

He can’t pay rent but he can supply his own food / hygiene related products. He can sleep in a spare bedroom, the floor, a couch, a garage, maybe even a shed. He’s very sweet, polite, and a good kid. 

Social drinker and smoker but will be happy to keep such habits out of the house. Drug and pet free. No allergies.

If anyone can offer a space or other help or knows of someone / something who can help with resources, please drop me a message on my tumblr (nevermind-the-witchcraft) or text/call (message me for details).

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I’m an autistic agender/nb trans masculine person who, along with my two beagles, needs a place to stay for the next month or so. Both are fairly well-behaved once they’ve grown accustomed to the surroundings, although they can be loud when meeting other dogs. They’ve shown no aggressive tendencies toward cats, as they grew up with several. We’re willing to walk to anywhere in the surrounding area, but any farther and we’ll need to be picked up.  My most reliable method of communication is through my email at You can also reach me through my tumblr, autisticvriska.

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Hi there. My name is Nick and I’m a young gender variant queer trans guy. I have a couch available for urgent/temporary stay: not much more than a week or two. I live within walking distance of NJ Transit buses and train station, and also a bus that goes to and from Port Authority in Manhattan. Area is relatively suburban and ~10 miles from NYC. Vegetarian but I live with omnivores. 420 and tobacco friendly, though a smoke free environment can be worked out. Not wheelchair accessible, sorry. There’s also two big dogs in the house, though they are friendly.

Unfortunately I can’t offer permanent housing, but if you urgently need a safe place to stay, need somewhere to get back on your feet, need to be away from the city, etc. I have room to share. I would be happy to help anyone figure out where to go from here. I can be contacted on my tumblr, Stay safe, everyone!

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Anonymous asked: Can I use the ask box to submit?


yes but it is preferred that you read the submission guidelines and use the form on the submission page at

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HAVE ROOM - Phoenix, AZ

Technically it’s in Tempe, AZ which is in the Phoenix area for those unfamiliar. I rent a 3BD/2BA house, and there is a furnished private bedroom w/ private bathroom that’s up for grabs.

Ideally, I would need a roommate who can help out with rent, but PLEASE feel free to discuss living here with me even if it’s out of your budget, because at this point ANY help would help me, even if it’s not the full amount yet. (The full amount is $610 per room, or $406 per room if my queerplatonic partner moves into the 3rd bedroom which looks likely, but like I said, any help would be great at this point even if not that much money.) Multiple people (i.e. you and partner(s)) are welcome too and of course that would drop the per person cost.

Washer, dryer, full fridge, AC, and dishwasher in the house, there’s a big back yard, WIP veggie garden you can share harvest from, laundry line, mostly tile flooring but carpet in the bedrooms. 3 cats live here.

I have a cigarette allergy (I can’t be around cig smoke without immediately getting a severe migraine) so non-smoking only.

I’m 25, non-binary trans queer person of color (privilege notes: can be coded as white, not a target of transmisogyny). There’s more about me here, and please do send an ask to quequieresmrmorden if you need a place in Arizona.

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Need Couch in Chicagoland for set dates.

My name is Kelly and I’m a trans woman who needs a couch to crash on from the 5th of October to the 1st of November of 2014.

I have arrangements to move in with a friend on the 1st of November, but due to the lease terms and the fact that her housing is subsidized until then by Child Services, I can’t move in at that point. My parents are moving out of their current house on the 5th of October and I have no place to stay in the ensuing month. In addition to a couch a place that I can safely and legally park my car for that time would be nice. I’m hoping to have a full time job by then, so I will have work. 

Thank you so much! Please reach me thru my tumblr,

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(this is not for me, this is for my friend who cannot post due to lack of safety with her family)

a 15 year old trans woman who needs housing due to unsafe home conditions 

more information will be given on offer, but is not public due to safety concerns

you may contact me here, at my twitter (@fruityqueerios) or her at her twitter (@glowcaves)

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Hi, I’m a quiet 17 year old nonbinary bi trans girl, starting SPSCC at the end of September. 

I like to cook, and I usually keep to myself, but I enjoy company when it’s offered. 

I’m fairly flexible as far as the price is concerned, but it needs to be on major buslines and would preferably be somewhat close to SPSCC.  It would be better if there’s a bus every fifteen minutes or so.

I would like to keep small animals (rats), but that’s not a necessity. 

I don’t drink, don’t smoke, and don’t have any allergies to speak of, but I do have several mental disabilities, and would need understanding of that fact.

I’ve never moved out before, so someone willing to understand that fact and accommodate certain things would be great.

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Have Couch- Portland Maine

I have a couch/livingroom for anyone who needs a place to stay for a bit. I am a chronically ill, non-binary person, and my roomate is trans. Unfortunatley not wheel chair accessable, we live on the third floor. we would consider cats if they need a place to stay as well!

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(Need) Couch - [Seattle] Desperately out of time, need to move immediately!

Hey internet strangers,

I am a 30 year old MTF (Male to Female) Trans* woman

Here’s the deal, I moved back to Seattle in June for a job that didn’t work out, employer didn’t pay me, I however I just started a new job 8/27 in Bellevue however I am currently couch surfing, I haven’t had work in a long time after being laid off, and I need the help of a kind person to give me a place to land while I earn my wages, even after a few weeks I could offer minimal rent while starting out, East Side is a plus as I am committing to as many hours as possible at work and need to be available to them, frequent transit service in any area works well too, I just need it to run very early and some nights very late.

I also have food stamps and just mind my own business or can be a good friend!

My time with my current roommates is coming to it’s end due to them needing the space for a family member, and hey who can argue with that, the pre-agreed to time is coming to an end and the near 2 and a half hour commute each way is gonna wear me out real fast.

If anyone has a couch or a corner to crash in please let me know! I just need some time to work, get paid and make life happen 2014 is my year to thrive, can you help me achieve it?

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Hello all!
My name is Ethan, I am a trans man from the Boston area and I am relocating to San Francisco on the 29th of August. I am 23 years old, a recent college grad and I am looking to start over on the west coast. However, I have very little money and I do not have a job or an apartment lined up and I need a place to stay until I can secure at least one of those things.
I am traveling with my girlfriend, though she has other housing arrangements through friends on the east coast. All of my connections were unable to help me find housing and I can’t afford hostels and couch surf doesn’t seem to be much help.
I would love to meet some like- minded queer people who know the area and I would love even more to make some friends in the process!

If you or anyone you know can help please let me know, I can be reached at :

Thanks for reading!

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever used, tried out, or had any actual experience with ''Safe Place''? I've heard many stories where they have worked with police, and frequently just return people to abusive households. Why is this on your ''trans housing'' advice?


The legitimate social infrastructure which currently exists for supporting homeless and runaway minors is not ideal and we are aware of that.

The issue that it can be very difficult for homeless minors to find safe places to go, even through this page, because in almost every jurisdiction in the US it is illegal to shelter a runaway minor. Though particular laws vary from place to place, and in some cases shelters are allowed to operate for runaway youths and in others good faith efforts to shelter a runaway for the sake of protecting them from immanent danger are allowed, in other jurisdictions this is not the case. In most jurisdictions persons who provide shelter to a runaway child can be charged with harboring a runaway or even encouraging a minor to run away and can result in misdemeanor or felony criminal charges.

Given the extremely difficult and hostile situation runaway minors face, and that encouraging a minor to run away is criminal in many jurisdictions, we do not encourage minors to run away from home. We post submissions from minors on here as a good faith effort to allow them to access resources which might protect them from immanent harm on the street (e.g., hypothermia, robbery, violence and sexual assault).

We also direct homeless minors to the National Runaway Safeline (1-800-RUNAWAY) and Safe Place ( because these groups are better equipped to direct minors to places they can go to escape immanent harm on the street and are also better knowledgeable about local resources and laws than we are and are able to help them access long term solutions for runaways depending on their individual situation (e.g., emancipation, foster care, mediation, etc)

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NEED ROOM - California.

My partner and I are looking for a room to rent in California, preferably the bay area, but willing to consider other locations. I am an asexual trans person (he/his or they/them pronouns please). We come with a cat so pets must be okay. We’d prefer our own bathroom if possible! Send me a message here if you or anyone you know has something available. Thanks.

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I’m a 23 year old cis asexual female living in a single-bedroom apartment in North Chicago (the suburb, not the north area of the main city of Chicago!), and I have a couch to offer to anyone who needs it. The apartment has a bathroom with a shower, a kitchen, wifi, and a laundry room one floor up. Sadly not a pet-friendly building, and also not wheelchair accessible. The apartment complex is drug-free housing and doesn’t permit smoking indoors. (If you need to stay for more than two weeks, management technically requires you be added to the lease, but we can work with that if you need it.) There’s a bus station close by, as well as a shuttle that takes people to and from the train station. I do have a car, though I don’t use it often, as well as a bicycle (and a helmet!) you’d be welcome to borrow.

I’m a graduate student, so much of my time is spent on campus or in the apartment studying (often until quite late at night). If you have strong reactions to smells, please know I will be coming home smelling of an anatomy lab a few days a week. Not a ton of food, but I’m happy to work around any dietary restrictions you may have. I can also provide access to my university, which includes a library, computer labs, a gym, a cafeteria, quiet spaces/study rooms, and lots more!

If you have any questions about me or the apartment, please feel free to contact me at via askbox or submissions, if it’s a longer message. 

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Need Couch or roommate Riverside, Ca

My name is Jasper. I am a 20 year old pre-op/pre-t non-binary transman.

My living situation with roommates who recently kicked me out was toxic and I can find little help among friends. No family connections to speak of.

I need a temporary couch until I find something, or a roommate. I am able to pay rent, but not much. I’m limited to 100 a week as I do not have a job and am in the process of trying for SSI due to my inability to work because of social anxiety, depression and dysphoria. I do not have a car, but know the buses pretty well here and can walk anywhere if need be.

I tend to keep to myself mostly but will help with anything I can.

I smoke cigarettes and am 420 friendly. I have my card, so legal issues aren’t a problem.

Basically, I’m in trouble and desperate. I am waiting on an answer from another friend, but its not guaranteed. Either that or rehab, and I’d really rather not.

Any help is appreciated. I can be contacted at (951) 801-9115, I prefer texting. Or my email


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