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A temporary housing network intended to connect trans people in need with safe and supportive places to crash. if you have or are in need of a couch, floor, or spare room, submit a post with any relevant information you're willing to share and we'll try and connect you with others near you.

Anonymous asked: Wtf what kind of blog is this... Pretty random


transgender people have epidemic rates of homelessness and are often denied access to shelters or harassed and assaulted in them. our community is attempting to create stopgap solutions to these problems. this blog is not “random”.

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once i’m settled in my apartment i’ve been thinking of posting a “have couch” on transhousingnetwork; does anyone have any experiences to share/things to give me pointers on before i were to try to commit to that

jobhaver are there any general tips you might have for folks who want to post couches of theirs?

this is a good question and tbh its not one i can answer really because i dont get a lot of feedback usually from people who post these (whereas persons who are in need of shelter tend to engage with me a lot more)

i recently rewrote the submission guidelines to be more helpful so if you havent read those recently (or ever) its a good idea to take a second look at them.

I think that one of the biggest things is that yes, “have couch” posts are really important but there is a chance that someone who is already in need and has posted a “need couch” post isnt going to be checking for updates regularly and so if, in addition to posting a “have couch” you could check out your location tags and follow up with people who have posted about needing shelter in your area.

The other obvious thing is safety. Do some light screening before you meet anyone off the internet (e.g., check out their blog if they have one, google their phone number and/or email address). Its always safest when meeting people off the internet to meet first in a public place or to have a trusted friend over at your house when meeting your guest.

The other thing is you really don’t have to write something incredibly verbose when making a post about there. A brief description about yourself and anyone else living with you, any pertinent gender/sexuality information that may affect a trans guest’s confort with staying with you, other political/demographic identities you see as relevant, a note about accessibility, or any other information you feel is pertinent is all you really need to include in your post (along with your location and a way of contacting you!)

for example, this would be a perfectly adequate post:

Have couch - Bay Area, CA

i’m mike, im a straight trans guy and im south asian. i have a white, cis girlfriend who lives with me. I have a cat. my apartment building has an elevator. my email address is

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NEED COUCH - San Francisco, CA

Hi there,

My name is Samantha. I’m a 21 year old transgender woman in need of a place temporarily. I’m currently in Arizona, and planned to move to the bay area for a job. I put in my two weeks notice at my current job after getting a formal offer and was just recently informed that my offer is no longer available because my presented gender doesn’t match the one I was assigned at birth. My housing here is connected to my job and having given notice I have until October 2nd to find another place. I’m out of options, and still have my ticket to San Francisco so I would be SO grateful if you could put me up even for a couple of days. I was originally planning to stay with a friend in Union City, but I have not been able to reach him. I have a few promising auditions in the area for paid shows and will definitely go job hunting as soon as I can land a place to house my things. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them. Even if you could store a piece of my luggage I would be grateful.

Not opposed to somewhere close, anywhere is better than nowhere at this point. And the more time you can offer me a couch, the better.



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Need a room in or near Sunnyvale

I’m a healthcare professional that just so happens to be a queer transguy but I am often stealth in my professional life. I just got offered a job in Sunnyvale. I can afford up to about $1000 a month for rent, more for an ideal situation. Looking for a household that is drama free, smoke/drug free, and cat free. I only do light cooking and I’m pretty average on how clean I am. Being close to the 22 (El Camino Real) bus line is ideal. I am looking for a place that may allow me to get a small dog in the near future but please still contact me if that isn’t an option. I am in a bit of a time crunch because I start Oct. 7th. I’m looking to move in between now and Oct. 6th. Please contact me if you have a possible room. Thank you. 

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NEED COUCH - Berkley, CA

Need room near Berkeley, CA: My name is Ruby, im a trans latina and im am looking for a home so I can stop living in my car. Please help.

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Need a Couch or Room-Portland, Oregon area


My name is Taylor or Tay for short. I am 25 years old and I am pre-op MtF who is in the process of hopefully moving from Sacramento, California to Portland, Oregon, so I can attend Portland State University next Fall. My current living situation isn’t one that you would call “safe.” I am currently living with a group of guys who are all religious (I used to go to church but stopped attending after awhile) and they don’t know about me transitioning. My family isn’t willing to help me move to Portland either because they all disowned me earlier this year when I came out to them as transgender. I am looking to move up to Portland by the end of this year if I can hopefully find a place to move to by then. 

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NEED COUCH - San Diego, CA

Hello, My name is Evan. I am in need of a place to stay temporarily. A couch, living room space or spare room would be ideal. I attend school in the LInda Vista area. I walk, ride my bike, ride the bus and the trolley. I have a part-time job which covers the little bills that I have (phone, bus, storage). My food expenses are covered through the Calfresh Program. I am quiet and I usually have long days so I am really looking for a place to rest so I can maintain my health. I am saving to be able to afford a room. I am taking the last two classes to get my American Sign Language Studies degree. I don’t want to the blow the semester if at all possible. I am good student with a 3.8 GPA, applying for University this fall. My main tumblr is Thank you for reading.

p.s. I identify as non-binary trans. Pronouns he, him, his. 

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My name is Ellis – I’m a 24 year old amab trans-feminine person, recently out and temporarily homeless because of it. I’m indefinitely staying with a group of friends, so I’m really looking for something more permanent. Supportive is really the key word, as I still have a lot to figure out right now.

I work full-time in Seattle proper and can pay up to $600 / month and will probably be in Seattle for the foreseeable future. I’m organized and generally keep to myself, but I’d really like to be part of a community if that’s the atmosphere of wherever I end up. My only real requirement is access to public transit – otherwise, no allergies or other needs, although I am a vegetarian.

I currently don’t have consistent tumblr access so the best way to reach me is via email:

Thank you! :D

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Gender non-conforming working professional looking for a couch or room preferably for at least three months in Denver or Aurora area. I have excellent references and I work full-time so I can pay my share of expenses.. I am fine with smoking/drinking just be responsible, pay bills on time and be very clean. I am looking for Oct. 11th 2014. Contact:

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Need couch or room - San Diego, CA

Hello, my name is Erika. I’m a trans woman. I have been couch homeless since late may(after getting away from abusive family), staying with various friends. I need a new place to stay at by the 28th of August, which is a day after this post was written. If I can’t find a new place to stay, my options are either to stay with abusive family(which I don’t want to at all, they’re really transmisogynistic, heterosexist, and ableist towards me) or to sleep in my car. If you have or you know of anyone who has a room or couch in San Diego, I’d be really appreciative. Here’s more info from a previous post. Please signal boost this post as much as possible. Thanks!

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Need couch - Howell/Brighton, MI

Hi! My name is Ray, and I’m cafab nonbinary. I’m 17 years old, poor, and my parents are divorcing, leaving me in the care of my abusive father until i can move out at the end of the year. I need to find a place to stay before I turn eighteen so I can plan my move-out agead of time.

As I said, I’m poor, and I don’t have a job due to my mental health conditions, so I may be unable to pay rent, but I would only be staying until graduation in June (possibly not even that long, since I detest graduation and would rather not go), so I hope that’s not a problem.

If you can help me, please send me an email at Thank you so much!

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Need Couch - Seattle, WA

I’m a trans woman cam performer, looking for at least a place to stay in the Seattle area while I build up enough of a record of having an income to rent a place on my own, if not long-term roommates. I can pay rent, but I need a room to use as a workspace; my current living situation makes my work difficult and will only get more difficult; I would like to have a new place as soon as possible, ideally before mid-October.

I’m willing to move out of the Seattle area if necessary.

My main need is to have a space where everyone I live with or sublet from is OK with my work and where I don’t have to hide what I do, and I have a strong preference against having men as roommates/housemates. Beyond that, for a permanent space I need access to public transit and would prefer to be in walking distance of a grocery store, but I’ll take what I can get for a temporary space.

Message me on my tumblr if you have something. Thank you!

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Need Room! Portland OR


My name is Sage, a recently out transwoman that moved up to Portland because of the welcoming atmosphere here. I’m having a lot of trouble finding housing, though, and am getting a little desperate. I’m kind, respectful, and tidy and always pay rent on time. I’m a student and a professional, aspiring musician, and writer. Please email me @ if you have anything available in Portland Metro for October!


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HAVE COUCH - South Philly, PA

Hey, we rent a house in South Philadelphia. It’s a 3 bedroom Rowhome, but we are a sober vegan house (you don’t need to be vegan but sober preferred. No Drugs or Alcohol in the space.) We are open to having people stay over in any time of need, we just can’t have people stay more than 4 days as per our lease. We are two guys, one trans girl, and a queerfeminine person. Message me if theres anyway we can help you.

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Have couch and Extra Room in Aiken, SC. We rent a 3 bedroom house and have plenty of extra space. I’m a trans male and my roommate is a trans friendly cis male, both of us are gay. Must be OK with staying with Law Enforcement Officer, No illegal substances/Convicted Felons on the property for sake of his job. Message me if needed 

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