Transgender Housing Network


A temporary housing network intended to connect trans people in need with safe and supportive places to crash. if you have or are in need of a couch, floor, or spare room, submit a post with any relevant information you're willing to share and we'll try and connect you with others near you.


We get contacted from time to time by social workers who refer their clients to us, which is amazing and I am happy we are able to be a resource for them.

Here are some tips for helping your clients get the most out of Trans Housing Network:

  • Advertise THN to people in your community who may be able and willing to make “Have Couch” posts. What makes THN successful is the people who are able and willing to offer their homes to those in need.
  • If you are in contact with persons in emergency situations such as youths who are on the street or who are unsafe in shelters they are staying, don’t ever hesitate to contact me immediately via email ( I do not typically check submissions to THN daily, but I do try to give immediate, extra attention to those in urgent situations when alerted to them.
  • If you are working with clients who you are referring to THN for help, please familiarize yourself with the guidelines posted in the submission page for making “need couch” posts. Some of the people who are submitting aren’t extremely computer literate or do not know how to navigate the page. When social workers who refer clients to THN are able to provide help navigating the page, understanding the guidelines, looking for “have couch” posts, and even crafting the text of the post, this can help these at-risk clients find shelter faster
  • If you are helping your client craft the text of their post, please do not submit any posts without your client’s approval first

Thank you!

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Need Couch asap Greater Hartford area. (Ie Hartford, West Hartford, East Hartford, New Britan, Middletown ect)


Hi there its Chelsea again just wanna update my situation and say I need a couch as soon as possible, I am in the shelter now and I feel unsafe there because I am getting looked at like I am a object by the other side of the building which houses department of corrections people there and I don’t wanna put up with this anymore. I am 20 trans girl sober only allergy is to cats need help asap.

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We are three roommates (one DFAB genderqueer person, a queer trans man, and a cis lesbian) in West Nashville (about a 20 minute drive or an hour and a half on the bus) and would be able to drive someone downtown in the morning and pick up in the evening if it’d be helpful. We have a futon and a couch, a fridge, a washer and dryer and a shower, and a yard with a fence so we could accommodate a dog for a very short period of time (not allowed in the lease and our landlady is nosy and likes to drive around sometimes). We also have wifi and a printer, a fairly limited food budget and some cooking supplies. We have a deck for smoking and are alcohol and 420 friendly. There are no stairs in the house but both entrances have three stairs, so a makeshift ramp would be pretty easy to arrange. A main road in Nashville, Charlotte Pike, is within walking distance and the closest bus stop is closer than that. 

Email me or or find me at

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Small house in West Nashville- we are a family of two white queer trans people (one ftm and one mtf) and two friendly dogs (one small weenie dog, she’s a femme, and one fluffy collie, she’s kinda butch). We have a spare room and a couch that we could offer on a temporary basis (a few days). 

We are very close to a bus stop, which is on the same line as a Kroger’s. We are vegetarian/vegan but you do you. We are happy to share vegan meals. 

Smoking is ok if it’s outside, alcohol in moderation is also ok. No hard drugs please. 

Unfortunately, our place isn’t wheelchair accessible- there is a set of four narrow concrete steps to get in the front door and wooden steps to get in the back door. We both work with autistic and developmentally disabled people and are affirming of those identities. We are an anti-racist household and we affirm people of all genders and sexualities.

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(NEED) COUCH/RESCOURCES - [Dayton/ Hamilton/ Cincinnati/ Oxford, OH area]

I’m Jackson and I’m a 24 year old nonbinary femme Cafab who uses masculine or nonspecific pronouns like they or them or it or whatever. I have PTSD and suffer from severe mental conditioning in which I was forced to be a parent from around the age of 5. My entire life has basically centered around that and it’s made my primary focus taking care of other people at my own expense, and attracted me to abusive situations.

My most recent roommate has decided that I’m deliberately making his life difficult by being nervous, startled easily, or forgetful and is prone to going into random fits of rage over topics which change from day to day. I’ve explained several times that I have been taking care of people since what was basically the beginning of my life so inquiring about the wellbeing of those around me on a regular basis, and is a habit that while I’ve drawn back on aot in the last few years is incredibly hard to break. Every time I try to explain my tics to him or ingrained or conditioned habits that while I’m TRYING to work on VERY HARD like my babbling when I’m nervous, or asking if he remembered basic things like his socks and shoes when he left the house(I’m from florida), he immediately assumes I’m making excuses.

In all honesty, I’ve toned it down ALOT. I stopped asking if he remembered things, and I cut the babbling in half, and he still yells at me usually saying hurtful things about my character and how much of a shitty human being I am. He never gets over anything. He still yells at me for things I stopped doing weeks ago and I know now he never will. He just needs someone to be angry about his life at and I’m the current scapegoat. He’s just a miserable person. I yell back and fight with him too, but I always find myself trying to stop the fighting and apologizing for things I shouldn’t have to apologize for. I try my best and it’s never enough, and he doesn’t even feel bad about the awful things he says about me and he’s never once admitted fault, tried to stop the fighting, or said he was sorry.

Last week we had a long talk and though he didn’t apologize, I thought we were finally okay. But this week proved me wrong. I can’t stand to be in my own home with him. My PTSD wakes me up to tell me there’s danger in the house because he’s here and I barely sleep what little I did before. I got a job the month before to get away from him, and I both dread leaving the house every morning and coming home every night. The people I work with are very nice and I want to keep my job because if I work there for a bit, maybe I could transfer somewhere else. But I can’t stay in this house with him. I’m already looking for a replacement for me, and I’m going to talk to my landlord and see what he says. I just don’t feel safe here. I feel sick here. I’m not scared of him hurting me physically, but emotionally I’m reaching the end of what I can deal with. I got off of work today and thought about stepping into the middle of the street just so I wouldn’t have to go home. I can’t stay here for much longer. I can’t remember the last time I felt so simultaneously hopeless, dead, and angry.

I can get rid of most of my stuff. I have a mattress if that helps. I can get rid of that too though. I can sell anything that doesn’t fit in a few suitcases. I’ve done it before. I can’t drive, so getting around is a big thing. I can pay for my own food, I can give you some gas money if you help me commute. Like I said I really want to keep my job. But I dunno. If it gets much worse, I can talk to my boss and see if he’ll help me. He’s a nice guy. He might help transfer me if I explain how bad it is at home. If I end up in a different area I don’t need much of a push to get motivated. Some resources and I get looking really quickly. I don’t like to burden people for too long.

Call/text me on my phone: (904)726-7869

Email me:

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Hello - I’m in need of a couch for this upcoming week 08/24/14-08/30/14.

I’m 35 y.o. gay transman who passes.  I’m new to DC and my temporary living situation ran out a week too soon.  I will have my first month and a deposit for an apartment next Friday.

It would also be really refreshing to be around other members of the community or allies.  The friends I’ve staying with don’t see their internalized homophobia and translated transphobia.

I have a really cute six year old cat who is really a little dog in a catsuit who sits for treats.  She’s pretty badass.  I work Monday through Friday 9-5 and so I wouldn’t be in your way too much.  I just can’t go to a shelter with a cat who is really the love of my life and I can’t afford to spend money on a motel/hotel right now.  I just started working about a month ago after moving across the country in June.  Money just started coming in.

Please e-mail me at

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NEED COUCH/DONATION (Nationwide - prefer Los Angeles/Need money for bus ticket or equivelant)

Hey, my name is Ash! I’m a 20 year old MTF trans woman who’s been homeless since I was 17. I’m currently in Lafayette, IN after coming up here to hopefully go to school, in a situation that has turned sour faster than I ever thought possible. I’m now looking for a place to stay and/or some donations to help me get there. I say I’d prefer LA because I have friends there to help me get situated and there are services there to help me (not to mention one of the schools there already has my SAT scores, making the application process quicker), but I don’t have the luxury of being picky. I’m also willing to accept places to stay in Indianapolis for the time being

If you don’t have a space available, donating a few bucks to help me afford to get a bus ticket to where I’m going would be fantastic. Even if no one can house me, there is a really good shelter in LA that would still be a major boon to me.

You can reach me at my tumblr (projectiscariot) or my email (


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Have couch - SLC, UT


I’m a cis, gay lady and have a room available in downtown Salt Lake City.The location is right next to several bus lines and a short walk to several stores and the Utah Pride center. I don’t own a lot of furniture, but you will have your own room, bed, and separate bathroom. 

This place does have stairs, and I own two people-friendly cats. Drinking is okay. If you need help with groceries or occasional personal supplies, let me know. My lease ends in December, but you’re welcome to say until then!

There was a point where someone saved me from having to live with no house and no job, and I want to give back. Send an ask if you have any other questions! :D

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Please call me J. I’m bigendered, and have been in a somewhat rough situation since being kicked out of my home several months ago. The housing situation I’ve been situated in has slowly revealed itself to both be toxic and undependable. I’m in a bit of a sticky situation. I have no means of living on my own, nor any dependable income. I found my break in the means of schooling for a career, but I’m in need of someone willing to house me while I go through it. The program takes 8 months. I’m not able to pay rent, regrettably, But I can be a big help. I’m more than willing to do housework, errands, etc. I am training as a culinary student so I’m more than willing to help put together meals.I’m friendly and flexible, and have a BIG pride on communication. My most important requests are that it hopefully be in the downtown area, and that I have room to put my bike, as it’s my currently most dependable means of transport. Please contact me either by my tumblr (hhhhellbound-gatestuck) or my e-mail ( I appreciate any help in advance.

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Transwoman looking for room/apt near U district, Seattle WA

I am a 39, white, MtF trans woman.  I am described as fun, relaxed, creative, and enjoy a wide range of activities.  I am going to grad school at UW and looking for trans friendly location. I have ability to pay reasonable rent, and/or trade services.  I am looking to move in date of now till mid September.


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HAVE COUCH - Lafayette, CA
Negotiable/temporary living in Lafayette, CA/east bay area
my name is grace, i’m a queer cisgirl living with my tg/queer friendly parents in their basement, have housing accommodations to easily fit more people than myself. I couldn’t pay for food but housing/amenities are available including a comfy bed for you, a lockable shower and full kitchen. Preferably temporary housing (up to 2 weeks) but I am willing to talk out any situation. my tumblr is please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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Have Couch - Aurora Co

I am a pre-hormones ftm individual, I live with my NB partner in an apartment in aurora. We are right off a bus route and near a bus station. We have a pet rabbit so if you’re allergic to alfalfa hay or rabbits we cannot have you stay here and our building does not allow cats or dogs. It’s on the second floor so not accessible. No smoking, drinking, or illegal drugs. I can be contacted at We don’t keep much food in our apartment so bringing your own is advisable. 

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(NEED) COUCH - [Seattle], Emergency

Hi all,

I feel like im pumping a dry well here, but I just got a new job, am not in a position to rent yet and have until 8/28 to move, roommates are a temp couch surfing arrangement and will not extend beyond that date, it is pretty close to the date agreed upon and It is time to move on.

I was assaulted in a shelter and can’t do those, I need to ask someone really kind for 30-45 days on their couch or in a corner just until I can go rent a room somewhere and really get my life going, all I ask for is internet as I am on my laptop constantly, and frequent bus service, as my job is in Bellevue and may require me to be in early like 7am early.

This is dire, I have only Five (5) days please spread the word… 

For the record I’ve already tried, was banned and told it’s a traveler website, reddit, banned for it being against the rules.. I really don’t know what to do, I am so close to overcoming the biggest challenge in my life and I can’t fail now, I need a kind soul to help me not fail as well. 

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Need Couch - Tampa, Fl


Hey. I’m a 21 year old non-binary person (Faab if it matters) in need of a place to stay for a while. In Tampa is best, but I will take nearby areas as well.

I can no longer stay where I am currently, and don’t have much money. I do work one or two days a week, and so could help with groceries and possibly utilities. I can also cook/bake, and otherwise help out around the place, or I can only be there at night to sleep depending on your preference. I should only need to stay for a couple of weeks, because I have a line on a couple of job opportunities.

I have transportation covered, and don’t have any dietary restrictions.

My tumblr name is amoebaofhearts.

the person who submitted this post recently contacted me stating that they can no longer stay where they are currently living, that their situation is now urgent and that they need a place to stay as soon as possible

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NEED COUCH - Georgia

I’m Ash, 17 pre-T. My mom is kicking me out next month when I turn 18 and have absolutely no family and nowhere to go. I prefer local. I live in Marietta, GA. Atlanta and Smyrna is fine. You can either go to my tumblr and shoot me an ask or email me at

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