Transgender Housing Network


A temporary housing network intended to connect trans people in need with safe and supportive places to crash. if you have or are in need of a couch, floor, or spare room, submit a post with any relevant information you're willing to share and we'll try and connect you with others near you.

NEED ROOM - Oakland, CA

ATTENTION BAY AREA QUEER FOLKS! My name is Ezra. I’m a 24-year-old non-binary queer PoC and I’m desperately looking to rent a room in Oakland (or Berkeley, Emeryville, San Francisco, etc.) by June. My budget is around $500-ish for rent.

I currently live with family in southern California (I moved back to my hometown nearly a year ago after moving out of an unstable, over-crowded household with very limited funds in a situation that invariably took a toll on my mental health) but my family has made it clear that I am no longer welcome to stay in this house as long as I’d like. I’ve been trying to move out of state for a while but because of limited funds, support and resources the Bay Area seems like it’d be the next best thing for me.

I have a relatively steady job so I’d be able to pay rent on time. I’m tidy and I don’t require a lot of space so living with lots of people wouldn’t be too much of an issue for me. I can be quiet, but I’d like to establish some sense of community in whatever household I end up in. I drink, but never to a point where it’s a burden on anyone around me. I don’t smoke cigarettes, but I do smoke marijuana. Chances are I’ll cook for you and smother your pets with affection (if you have any) and plant tulips & herbs in your garden. I’m fairly easy to get along with according to my past roommates! I’m just looking for a safe place where I can be myself—Craigslist is super sketchy and I haven’t had much luck on there. I’ve used this site as a resource in the past and it’s been super helpful so signal boost please!

Contact me at or my blog:

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HAVE COUCH - Tacoma/Seattle, WA

I am trans, my mom and step dad are not but are very accepting. 

We have lots of room we’re not using (though it is rather messy it’s better than nothing), lots of left over food that tends to go bad so another mouth around wouldn’t be too bad, a shower, heat and financial stability. The only thing we would ask is that you could take care of our two 1 year old mastiffs, they’re very sweet but they have a tendency to get into things so we can’t leave them at home alone and daycare can get costly. (we also have 3 cats so sorry if you’re allergic)

Though i have to say it can get kind of rocky around here some nights (my mom and step dad fight a lot, only yelling no physical violence) and my mom has a history of severe mental health issues so she does have wavering moods (again nothing abusive,) They’re very meat oriented non-vegan folk so it can be a bit tough if you’re vegan but i seem to avoid meat/cheese well enough that I’ve maintained weight. They both drink and smoke. 

Lots of privacy here during the day, from about 8am to 4:30 pm the house is relatively empty so if you require quiet time that’s totally cool.

(sex work is okay as long as you keep it very private, my mom/step-dad would be okay with it just the less we know the better)

Public transit is rather easy around here and I’m really good with route planning if you need help with that, also my mom can probably give you a ride if you really need it (aka appointments out of town, picking you up, etc.)

If you are under 18 that’s fine but only as long as your parents have either kicked you out or they know you are staying (we have a history of letting runaways stay with us knowing they’re runaways and getting in trouble with the law because of it so we really can’t have that)

Mental health issues are completely fine, though physical disabilities would get a bit tough because the room we have is up two flights of stairs. If you’re disabled and just need a place to shower i have a friend with a large sit in shower and a ramp i might be able to hook you up for temporary stay.  

I am at mvdkid, i can give you my email through there. 

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I am a 21 year old trans man looking for someone to take me in for a little while. I got abandoned by my emotionally abusive
ex-partner, and now I’m trying to do this on my own. I have someone to stay with for the moment, but they told me I should start trying to look for somewhere else soon. I can do chores or help out in any way you need me to. Also, I have a dog. He’s very sweet. I’m sure you would like him. :)
I’m trying my best to get back on my feet. I just need somewhere to recuperate and rest.

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NEED ROOM - Massachusetts (Boston or New Bedford areas preferred)

If anyone is looking for a roomate for an apartment around Boston or New Bedford, please contact me at

I’m a 20 yo trans woman who has been displaced for a long time. I need to get back to Mass or I can’t be covered for medical insurance or go to college. I don’t have a job because right now I live in the rural side of nowhere, so I’ll have to make a long move back to Mass once I know I have a place to go to. I have a bit of money (just a few hundred dollars) so I can try to pay my way as best I can while I search for a job. If I get accepted into college, I’ll likely be moving out at the start of the new school year, so please keep that in mind. This can’t just be a one night or one week deal, because that’s not nearly enough time for me to find a job, and I’m afraid of taking a 700 mile bus ride with all my things just to end up standing around on the sidewalk figuring out where I’ll go from there (It’s happened a few times in the past) Thank you.

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hi im tumblr user jeantm and my parents are abusive. im willing to provide details but id prefer it if you could ask me on skype, which is ch8sed2. if you need to you can ask for my cellphone number. if you arent more than two hours away i can get a ride. i have somewhere to stay, but my parents are likely to check that place quickly.

i dont know how long i will need to be there, but i can guarantee that itll be more than a couple months. im sorry.

i need somewhere to stay soon- my situation is getting to be dire.

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NEED COUCH - Fort Collins, CO


HI! My name is Josie. I am a 24 yr old transgender women, in need a a place to crash in Northern Colorado .  I work part time but cant afford a place on my own. I can help you out with groceries and pay some rent. I am tired of living in my car!  Please let me know if you can help. Thank you :)

i accidentally forgot to paste your email address into this so if you are reading, please submit me that again so i can put it on there, thanks

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HAVE ROOM - Baltimore, MD

actually have a whole private bedroom and bathroom. I’m looking for a roommate so I can afford my apartment so I can have a couch to offer. 
One Transboy and one nonbinary cutie looking for a housemate. Due to a flakey roommate we are going to loose our home if we don’t fine a room soon. Asking for $600 a month.

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NEED ROOM - Northants/Leics, UK

I am a dfab nonbinary individual, 18 and learning to drive (with own car). Looking for a room to rent as I need to escape the toxic household that is my mum and stepdad’s place, as it is having a detrimental effect on my mental health and beginning to affect the physical. Would likely move in after passing my driving test, which hopefully would be within the next few months.

Already job-hunting but working on getting my fitness levels right to join the RAF – should I be accepted I would probably take up residence on-site.

Skills: enjoy tidying, like most things neat, make a mean cup of tea, IT skills. Would bring a box or two of DVDs and a few books but will need space for/need drawers. I’m capable of buying my own food (I’m picky anyway) and tend to keep to myself.

Please contact me on tumblr at

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NEED COUCH - Minneapolis area, MN

Looking for any one to help me out. 34 yr old MTF would like to start my transition. please email at Thanks

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NEED COUCH - Fort Collins, CO

HI! My name is Josie. I am a 24 yr old transgender women, in need a a place to crash in Northern Colorado .  I work part time but cant afford a place on my own. I can help you out with groceries and pay some rent. I am tired of living in my car!  Please let me know if you can help. Thank you :)

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NEED COUCH - Minneapolis, MN

Hi my name is Phillis and I’m a 23 year old queer trans woman. I need at least a floor to crash on sometime in the next couple weeks, for a couple weeks to a month or so depending on what happens with my employment and financial situations. I can provide my own air bed and I’m a pretty good cook who works with all sorts of dietary restrictions if you need any kind of contribution to your household. Everything friendly. You can contact me here on tumblr (princess-chodestool) or via email (phillisrydstrom at gmail)

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hello, name is alexa and i’m an 18 year old trans girl trying to move out of an ignorant and close minded household by the end of may and try to make it on my own. im looking for a place to stay for a couple weeks anywhere in new york. i can’t afford to pay rent currently but i can afford my own food and i can also help with chores and do your groceries. im ok with animals and smoking/drugs and i don’t have allergies to anything. if someone is able to offer me a place to stay temporarily until i get on my feet i will really appreciate it! you can email me at or send me an ask on elite-porcelain

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NEED COUCH - London, Ontario

hi i’m avanna, i’m a 16 year old mentally ill trans girl. i have been living with roommates after running away from an abusive home, but now i have until may 1st to move out, if i don’t find somewhere to stay by them i’m going to be homeless. if anyone can give me a long-term place to stay i would be extremely grateful! i can’t pay rent but i can do light housework (washing dishes, sweeping, etc) and cook if needed. i can also afford most of my own food. i would prefer to stay somewhere tobacco-free. if you are able to help me please send me an ask at groupinou. thank you so much.

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I’m a 30 year old ftm queer identified individual looking for a nice safe room to rent in late June/early July. I’d prefer downtown Tulsa or somewhere nicely located (Cherry St./ Pearl District) so I can use transit or ride my bike because I don’t have a car. Contact info: theboyruin@gmail (,com)

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I’m a dfab non-binary queer person living alone in downtown Ottawa. I have a couch available in my teeny apartment until June 30, and am willing to let somebody stay for up to a week. If you need to stay longer, we would need to discuss rent/chores. Public transit is super easy from here (2 buses stop right outside, and Rideau Ctr is within walking distance), but unfortunately the building is not wheelchair accessible - there’s one stair outside each entrance.

I can pay for your food and/or cook simple meals if needed, and I’m used to accomodating for dietary restrictions. Drinking is okay, smoking (tobacco or 420) is okay on the balcony. No harder drugs please.

There isn’t much privacy here, only a curtain between my bedroom and your space; while I have no problem with sex work, this would make it logistically difficult to cam or see clients at the apartment.

I have a mild-mannered cat. Any small pets are welcome as long as they can get along with her.

My tumblr is the best way to get in touch with me; I check at least twice a day. Stay safe all.

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