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A temporary housing network intended to connect trans people in need with safe and supportive places to crash. if you have or are in need of a couch, floor, or spare room, submit a post with any relevant information you're willing to share and we'll try and connect you with others near you.



Hello - I’m in need of a couch for this upcoming week 08/24/14-08/30/14.

I’m 35 y.o. gay transman who passes.  I’m new to DC and my temporary living situation ran out a week too soon.  I will have my first month and a deposit for an apartment next Friday.

It would also be really refreshing to be around other members of the community or allies.  The friends I’ve staying with don’t see their internalized homophobia and translated transphobia.

I have a really cute six year old cat who is really a little dog in a catsuit who sits for treats.  She’s pretty badass.  I work Monday through Friday 9-5 and so I wouldn’t be in your way too much.  I just can’t go to a shelter with a cat who is really the love of my life and I can’t afford to spend money on a motel/hotel right now.  I just started working about a month ago after moving across the country in June.  Money just started coming in.

Please e-mail me at

evan has been in touch with me via email and as of right now does not have a place to sleep from the 19th through the 29th.

please contact him at asap as soon as possible if you are able to offer him a place to stay in the DC area.

thank you!

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Anonymous asked: Hello. In the Reedsburg area of Wisconsin. I been homeless for a while. Living in my car. I have a job it's just about collecting pay checks to get a place. I just started the job. I could use a place to shower. I'm a ftm. So if anyone is near by and could help out. Just leave a email address so I can contact. Thanks. Much is appreciated. Blessed be.


please submit a post according to the guidelines posted at and include a method of contacting you. thank you

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Anonymous asked: I have a quick question and I certainly don't want it to be taken the wrong way, I'm just curious. Why is this for trans women only? Why does it matter who they are? Are you saying that trans people have a harder time looking for a place to stay than POC? I'm a little upset that this is specifically for trams women, because there could easily be the same amount of straight women or gay men without homes, so I think it's a little unnecessary to point out that they are transgendered. Clear it up?


this is for trans people in general, not just trans women. trans homelessness is epidemic compared to the homelessness of persons who are not trans. this page is a stopgap resource for those persons, because we are often excluded from or made unsafe in the conventional shelter system (in part because of sex/gender segregation of those facilities)

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Tran’s Woman needs place to stay tonight in Greater Toronto Area URGENT!

HELP! I am a 21 year old transgender woman who desperately need’s a place to rent!  I am homeless right now, I have been couch surfing place to place and my fund’s & spirit’s have begun to run low. I am very plight and respectful, I have a 8 year old female black cat named Star that I will not give up, she is my best friend. I have been assaulted, & even sexual assaulted.. 
I need a place that is safe for me to stay tonight I don’t know what to do. :(

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need couch/room, Philadelphia, PA

Hey, I’m Colton. I’m a binary transman that is looking for either a couch or a room in Philadelphia for mid October. I am relocating because I am very unhappy residing in the south. I can pay by a month by month basis. I can start out by paying 300 a month and as time goes by I can pay more a month. I will be actively looking for work and I just need a place to stay away from here. If you can help please let me know.

I prefer to be contacted by email:

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Need Couch in Asheville, NC

Hello, I am a trans woman who has been living with a friend/lover for the past few months, and that has turned sour for me. I am looking for a place where I can stay for a few days/ weeks until I find a place of my own. I am willing to contribute some money for rent and/or clean, cook, watch pets, watch kids. I have a job at a local grocery store which starts tomorrow morning, and I am looking for a second job as I write this. I would prefer a place that is quiet and allows me to have plenty of personal space. If that’s not possible, just a few days away from my current situation would be very helpful. I am quiet, clean, and respectful of boundaries. Thank you so much. You can email me at or facebook me, Matilda May.

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Need Couch or anything UK

Hey, I’m looking for anything anywhere in the UK, about me my names Jess I’m 22 and I’m trans, I currently live with my family but I don’t feel safe living here, there has always been emotional abuse, I have always managed to cope, however the past few weeks that has turned to physical abuse, I currently have 2 broken ribs and a lot bruises, I’m scared to live in my own home I really need someone’s help to escape.

I live in the south west UK but I can get anywhere as long its safe. I don’t have much money but I’d be happy to pay what I can.

If you have anything at all available, please send me an email my address is ;

I’d appreciate any help :)

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MtF 25 year old looking for room to possibly rent

Hello my name is Taylor. I am 25 years old and pre everything MtF, and I am looking for a room to rent. I am currently living in Sacramento, CA but I am looking to move to either San Francisco, CA or Los Angeles, CA (preferrablly the West Hollywood area). I am a full time college student and depending where I move to I will be attending college where ever I will be moving to which mean I will be getting financial aid which will help me pay for rent and I will be most certainly looking for a job also. 

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Need Couch/Room - Tacoma, Washington

Hello, my name is Emanuel, and I am starting to become a little desperate for a place to stay. I am 19 years old, nonbinary, and while generally very relaxed with my pronouns, I am most comfortable with they/them, and I’m hoping to find a place in Tacoma either near Tacoma Community College or a bus stop.

I am living with my parents right now, and am not out to them. My father is a clueless drunk, and my mother frequently verbally and emotionally abuses me. I have been trying to find a job for the last four months, unsuccessfully, since I have no specific job skills (like my sister, who is a lifeguard and passed lifeguard training) and I have no previous work experience and only a high school diploma. I have become very depressed as of late because of my situation, which makes job-hunting more difficult as it saps my motivation. I am currently applying for the Army Reserves, even though it is definitely not something I want to do, the benefits are really great, and I hope to be able to pay for schooling through the Reserves and start saving up enough to rent my own apartment.

As of right now, I have no money to pay rent with, but I can wash dishes, pet-sit, baby-sit, vacuum, water plants, etc. I am also a decent cook, as long as what I’m making is either something I’ve made frequently before, or if I have a recipe. I would prefer a room to myself, as I need my own space, but I’m fine with just a couch to sleep on, I’m not picky.

One other thing I would like to mention is my dog: she is very important to me and I rely on her for emotional support, she’s like a therapy dog for me; and as much as I would like to take her with me, I do not have the funds to pay for her food. The dog is not so important as getting myself out of this house, and is definitely optional.

I may be able to convince my parents to let me sell the mini-fridge and keep the money for myself, which I can give to whoever offers me a place to stay as a thank-you.

My email is and I can answer any additional questions you may have. My situation is not super urgent, but I really do need to get away from the negative air in this house.

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Have Couch - Concord (East Bay), California

My girlfriend (nonbinary) and I (cis male) have a place where someone could stay for up to a week. We have a very friendly, but very excitable dog. We’re in our early twenties, and, when not at work, spend most of our time watching tv, playing video games, etc. We have a shower and such. We go out to eat a lot so most of the food at our house is soup/ramen or snack food. Drugs, smoking, and heavy drinking are something we’d request not be done in our home. If you aren’t familiar with Concord, it’s about twenty minutes outside of Oakland, and an hour outside downtown San Francisco. We are relatively close to a BART station and could drive someone there easily.

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Looking for a room - Perth, Australia

Hello, I’m a trans man and I’m looking for a room in a trans-friendly place in Perth, Australia for at least a few months. I’m currently looking for work but I can pay rent and bills.

I’m accepting of other cultures, and people who are sex workers or have unique circumstances. I love animals but don’t have any, I don’t do drugs but don’t care if you do.

If you have a room or space available please email me at

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Have Room in Thornton NH

My name is Felix  and my spouse is Fred. We are a trans friendly household as one of us is a transman and we are spouses.  We would like to collect rent but if it works better for you, we can subsidize your rent if you do household work for us like clean and take care of our animals.  We have 7 dogs, 3 cats and 3 birds.  We need services which can be traded for rent to maintain the household.  We live in a rural town and it would be helpful if you have a car as there is no public transportation.  If you pay rent it will include all utilities, cable and wifi.  Plymouth State University is only 20 minutes away from us and is a trans friendly university.  We are drug free and prefer someone who is as well.  Please contact us at or by phone 603-236-9019.  We look forward to providing a warm and safe place for you.

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HAVE ROOM – BEAVERTON, OR (20-minute bus ride from Portland)

My roommate (male) and I (female, queer) have recently freed up some space room in our two-bedroom and would be more than happy to share it with somebody in need! We’re super nice, stable people in our early 20’s.

Things to note:

*The room is our living room, where I lived for a few months. It’s spacious, with the big sliding glass window in your area and we have a curtain up as a separator! Me and my housemate have opposite schedules, but are not nosy. That being said, we don’t currently have a mattress you could use, so picking up a sleeping bag or air bed would probably be wise.

*Veggie-friendly, queer-friendly, friendly-friendly all around!

*Across the street from a MAX stop downtown, a mile trek from a transit center. Groceries and various other shopping things within walking distance.

*First floor/all one floor, but theres a stoop. If you have a wheelchair, I could try and see if I could arrange something with my landlord/check dimensions of our halls, but as of now I’m not sure if it’s accessible.

*Both housemates transplants to Portland themselves and would love to show you around!

*Shared bathroom and full kitchen

*No smoking, no drug use, no cats

*!!!Strict 10-day limit on guests, anything longer would need to be put on the lease and pay rent!!!

If you’re interested or have any questions or concerns please contact me at awatkins10 (AT) and/or my roomate at twentay (AT)!

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need couch urgent Seattle rape victim

Hey all, I’m Jackie a 33 yr old disabled trans woman in Seattle. I have a set income from disability, so its been difficult to rent in time. 

I was raped by a guy I had been seeing two days ago and had been kicked out of my friend’s place. He can’t handle the emotional turmoil. I spent yesterday in the hospital and found a hostel for a few nights to find out that they’re unwilling to work with me because my driver’s license doesn’t match my gender. I stayed there last night and am desperately trying to find a place. 

I do not want to go back to sex work, so this is really a last ditched effort. I’m quiet, clean, and normally become fast friends with roommates. I can pay a maximum of $550 monthly, but open minded to any arrangement that’s safe and fair.  

Seriously, I have no expectations but I’d be extremely grateful. I hope everyone has a wonderful day. 


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Need Couch-San Diego, CA

Hello, My name is Evan. I am in real need of a place to stay temporarily. A couch, living room space or spare room would be ideal.  I attend school in the LInda Vista area. I have a part-time job which covers the little bills that I have (phone, bus, storage). My food expenses are covered through the Calfresh Program. I am quiet and I usually have long days so I am really looking for a place to rest so I can maintain my health. I am saving to be able to afford a room and plan on looking for another job.  If there are any pets, I can help take care of them. I lost my place this in early August because I couldn’t afford the rent any longer. I was staying with an ex-gf/friend for almost 3 weeks but it became a toxic, abusive, situation and I had to leave. A friend let me stay with them for 3 nights last week and I’ve been at my Aunt and Uncle’s place in Moreno Valley for 3 nights. The thing is, school and my job are in San Diego. I am taking the last two classes to get my American Sign Language Studies degree. I don’t want to the blow the semester if at all possible. I am good student with a 3.8 GPA. My main tumblr is and an email I can be reached at is Thank you for reading.

p.s. I identify as non-binary trans. Pronouns he, him, his. 

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