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A temporary housing network intended to connect trans people in need with safe and supportive places to crash. if you have or are in need of a couch, floor, or spare room, submit a post with any relevant information you're willing to share and we'll try and connect you with others near you.

Anonymous asked: hey jobhaver I am in Melbourne Australia and I am very afraid of letting people into my house because it's the only place I am safe BUT if there was a trans person at risk of being homeless I would like to offer them my couch, is there any network dedicated to Australia? or anywhere I can let people know that I have a couch that is potentially available?




trans housing network accepts submissions from all over the world. most of the submissions we receive are from the united states, canada, and the united kingdom.

you can check to see if there are any “need couch” posts but you can also go to to make a “have couch” post there according to the guidelines on that page

Hello melbourne person! I run a Facebook group called Q Couch Surfing Network Melbourne which is specifically so that queer people can post saying “hey I need a couch to sleep on between ____ and ____” and people can reply and offer theirs. It’s a secret group (so that no one is outed) and it’s completely autonomous so I or someone else in it need to add you, but if you send me your email - the one you log into Facebook with- i can add you without being Facebook friends :)

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need couch, tuscon az

Im a laid back trans guy trying to move on from an abusive relationship and keep positive. . Need help in Tucson az… or anywhere on the 3rd..i want a new start.. im 30. Educated attractive and outgoing. . Anyone can help or even encourage thx

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Looking For A Safe Place in Massachusetts/NYC/Upstate NY area

So I’m a 25 year old transgender gal who is an struggling singer-songwriter/poet/BDSM sex worker/writer/blogger/journalist/photographer/filmmaker/starving young artist who just recently got out of a very bad domestic violence situation/family violence situation and escaped my abusive ex boyfriend and family members. 

I currently live in Massachusetts and in a temporary safe house provided by a LGBTIQQA/BDSM friendly domestic violence agency, but not sure how long I can stay here until I get my next check. 

I do a lot of odd jobs, Inbox Dollars surveys and PayPerks surveys to get extra cash every month while living on SSI/SSP/SNAP (Food Stamps)/MassHealth benefits and working with Fenway Health, DMH, Deaf, Inc., and MRC to establish myself here and get my life back on track. I’m a client of said agencies, but I’ve been on and off the streets, hiding from my family and my ex boyfriend for a long time now. Most shelters won’t take me because I’m a domestic violence victim, deaf (no way of communication), and I’m transgender and there are maybe two or three transgender friendly shelters that won’t take me because they’re regular shelters and doesn’t provide regarding my hearing impairment. 

I’m trying to make ends meet, find a warm safe place to call home, get back on my feet, get my life back on track and hopefully return to school to go to college again. I can help with expenses, rent (if any), food, etc., until I get back on my feet.

Please help me out.

You can text me only (I’m hearing impaired) at 978-394-1406 (Save it to Christy Taylor) or email me at -thanks again. 

Blessed Be,

Christina Autumn Taylor. 

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Hi!  I’m Bunny, and I’m looking for a roommate/roommates in Raleigh, NC (preferably in the North Raleigh/North Hills area, but a location transfer for work may be possible) for the long-term.  I’m a 17 year old cafab nonbinary person in a situation which, without getting into too much detail, is detrimental for my mental health and physical safety.  I’ve been looking for a while now, but I can’t find any luck so far.  I have a steady job and my own transportation and can pay rent and provide for myself.  I’m fairly clean, keep to myself, and can cook for others if needed.  If at all possible, I’d like a place that is pet friendly— I have one neutered cat who can live with both dogs and other cats, and is very friendly.  However, this is not required; I do have a place for him to go should I not be able to bring him with me. 

If you think you can help me out, please contact me at  Thank you! 

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NEED ROOMMATE/COUCH - Cincinnati, Ohio

My name is Tory, I’m pre-everything FTM. I currently live in an abusive/threatening situation and have been trying to move out on my own for over a year now. I had solid plans with a trans-friendly person I know but it fell through and now I am stuck again. I work a fulltime retail job that is trans-friendly and so once I move out I intend to begin transitioning but right now I cannot do so due to my family issues. 

Basically: I just need someone trans-friendly to live with and split rent with, and who won’t mind living with a freelance artist (meaning I spend almost all of my time working alone in my room when I am not at my retail job - definitely am not the kind of person you have to worry about partying or being loud aside from the occasional power tools), and who doesn’t mind me having a cat too (I will cover any pet fee, she is deaf and has to come with me because I don’t trust my family taking care of her). I basically live independently right now - have my own car, fulltime job, pay rent to my family to live in my own house and have enough money saved up to cover initial expenses of getting an apartment. I also make a good amount of money on the side (>$100/mo) from freelance so I should be able to cover anything my retail income doesn’t cover. If I can have my own room that I can convert into a small studio, I will be making way more on freelance than I currently am because I create masks/costumes and other multimedia art, but can only do so with a larger set up. So I shouldn’t ever have any reason to not be able to cover my part of the rent/utilities. 

I currently work in South Lebanon so if it were close to there that would be best for me, but I can probably transfer to another store if needed.

You can contact me at:

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Need a couch, Berlin Germany

Hi lovelies!

I’m an 18 y/o trans girl living in Berlin and I’m in need of a place to sleep. I am currently staying with my emotionally abusive father, after my transphobic mother kicked out for being trans. Lately my father is also threatening to throw me so I’m in quite a emergency situation right now, since I’ve no experience living on my own and need some time to figure all of this out.

Please help me leave these abusers behind me, I am fiendly, smart, in neat shape, a good cook and I more than willing to help out with all kinds of housekeeping work. If you know anyone who might be able to help me, please share! Your help is always super appreciated. 

Don’t hesitate to get in contact with me, I’m avaible via

Love, Laura <3

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Need Couch - West Virginia

Hi there, my name is Grey. I’m a transmasculine agender person looking for a place to stay in West Virginia. I am 16 years old, and am being kicked out of my house because my family does not agree with my lifestyle, mainly my gender identity. I have a job in Putnam county and would very much like to keep it. I am looking for either a place to stay until I finish highschool, or a place where I can stay until I either: find another place to stay in the Putnam county area, or find a job in Moundsville, WV. My Tumblr URL is harktheheralddickbuttssing and my email address is Please contact me if you’re willing to house me either temporarily or permanently, as I need a place to stay by Tuesday, July 22, or I will have to quit my job and move to Moundsville. Thanks for your time.

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NEED ROOM/COUCH - Chattanooga, TN

My Name’s Steph, I’m a 19 Y/o MTF from Chattanooga, and after my graduation of college, i am getting thrown out of my parent’s house. I do have a job and can help with utilities, but i am starting to get desperate on housing options, and the 11th of August, is the day i get tossed out. if anybody can help, please help. Thank You

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Anonymous asked: Maybe you should list couchsurfing (.) org as a possible resource. It's a pretty safe way to find strangers who will let you crash with them for a few days. I've relied on it to find a place to stay while backpacking in the U.S for a few months. There are a lot of queer and trans-friendly groups and hosts on couchsurfing (.) org. You have to be18 to have an account. For the most part people have good experiences.

Answer: is mentioned in the FAQs of this page and was an inspiration for this page. i was not aware that there were trans-friendly groups on that site but that is very good to know, thank you

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Have Room - Ventura, CA

Hi my name is Angel, and my girlfriend, Liz, and I are looking for a roommate to move in August 1! We are in a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom less then a mile walk from the transit center. Your rent will be $625 and utilities (except electricity and internet) is included.  My girlfriend is a 31 year old trans woman and I am a 24 year old genderqueer, we have been together for 3 years and lived together for 2. We are looking for someone safe, and reliable. Couples accepted and even preferred, no kids (due to lack of space). If interested (or know someone who is) please message me at

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Need Couch - San Fernando Valley (Greater Los Angles Area is ok too)

Hello All,

My name is Lily, I am a transwoman just starting out on my transition, pre everything. I will be primarily full time in August of this year. I am currently moving back to Los Angeles after a brief stint in Tennessee to help out my family with some problems. I will arrive in CA on the 24th of August, and will need a place to stay starting the 31st. My dad and step mother have agreed to let me stay 7 days with them (“and not a day longer”) they are not very happy about my transition, we can leave it at that.

I am looking for either temporary housing for up to a month while I look for more permanent housing, or an individual who seeks a roommate. I can pay up to $400 a month for the latter situation.

A little about me: I am 25 years old, pretty fem (though I have my moments), I like to go out and drink, rarely drink during the week. No drugs (though if you use 420 im ok). I have no pets, though I love animals. I am a full time graduate student. I will also be working two part time jobs (both in education). I am basically just looking for a place where i can sleep and shower/get ready for work. I am a very busy person and am rarely home so you really would never notice me. I am open to all types of people for roommates and don’t judge/love to learn about new lifestyles and people. I keep pretty clean, and if you need someone who will help out around the house that’s definitely me, I love to clean (but im also ok if your messy).

I will have a car, so access to parking would be great, but thats also my issue to figure out not yours :)

Please let me know if you have anything available. you can contact me though tumblr, or through email:

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Need Couch/Room - Austin, TX

Pansexual Polyamorous Demigirl, 21. in SE Austin, needs new living situation. I have to be out of my apartment on July 31st. I can afford around $400/month with rent, but prefer less if possible. I’m open to meeting people to get a new place together, i know kids are coming back for college at UT. I do drink occasionally, but am on meds for an Anxiety Disorder and Depression, so I know my limits. I don’t smoke, and only prefer you don’t in the house. I have almost everything an apartment would need, save couch, coffee table, & TV. I rely on public transit, I work downtown in the evenings. I have a few options that would be temporary, but would love to find somewhere i could be for the next 6 months to a year. I’d prefer to stay in the SE Austin area. Oltorf & Pleasant Valley area // E. Riverside. even any leads would be cool. ideally i’d like to have a room in a house with other people. but am open to options. comfortable living with cishet dudes too. 


Tumblr is :

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HAVE ROOM - Brooklyn, NY

Hi! I’m Will i’m a photo student living in Bushwick looking for a roommate to move into the apartment i share with 2 other people. I’m AMAB and trans-fem questioning. I live 1 block away from the Jefferson L train stop and need to find someone to move in on August 1. I live in the front bedroom of a railroad apartment and am ideally looking for another trans roommate to take the back room. I also live with a cis/hetero couple who share a third bedroom, as well as the communal living room/kitchen area and bathroom. laundry and groceries are 1 block away. Rent is 650 + utilities (around 40) please message me on if you are interested or know some1 who is! <3<3<3

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need room Atlanta GA

hey, my name is Colton and I am a binary FtM person. I am in need of renting out a bedroom. I have actually been actively searchinh for a place to stay for quite a while now, but have had no such luck. I have posted on here and havent had any people unfortunately that would stick to their word. It has actually been super disappointing. I have even looked on Craigslist for but have had trouble because I dont have a good credit score simply because of past medical bills that I have had when I was younger, and because of that it makes it super difficult to find a place to stay. About my situation, I am 21 years old and I currently receive SSI. I will be able to pay rent by a month by month basis. I receive SSI for my depression and anxiety issues. While I do have these issues,they are under control. I see a therapist on a regular basis. While I do receive SSI, I wont just be doing nothing all day. I am currently trying to get a job and will be out of the house applying for jobs in the daytime. I desperately want to move somewhere more accepting of transmen. I really really need to get onmy feet and im hopong that at least one of you wonderful Atlanta peeps will be able to stick to your word and help a brother out. much peace and love


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Need Couch - San Diego, CA (short term)

Hi y’all. 

My name is Jane. I’m a 22 year old DMAB non-binary trans-femme. 

I moved to San Diego in September and I have been struggling ever since, jumping from one abusive and coercive housing situation to the next, with no respite in between. I’ve had trouble holding down a job, and people haven’t been very supportive so far. I’m really feeling low.

Anyway, I’m going to move into a house with some lovely queer and trans folks in the beginning of August, but I need a place to crash until then. The house I live in is unsafe, violent, and not suitable for me. Only one person respects my pronouns, and the rest police my behavior, and make rape jokes. I cannot stand to be here any longer, and would really appreciate a safe place to crash for a week or two. 

I wouldn’t have much stuff with me, as I can keep it at the house until August. In addition, I’m an excellent cook.

Anyway, please help me out, y’all. I’m really in need. Thanks.

-Jane ()

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